measuring and alteration services

At Peninsula Dressmaker we offer a full measuring service for those who like to purchase their garments online. We also offer an alteration service for Bridal Wear, Ladies Suits, Deb gowns, Prom dresses, Bridesmaid dresses and Evening dresses. At peninsula dressmakers we specialise in tailoring ladies ready to wear garments.

What to expect during a consultation

We would love to welcome you to our consultation studio. Our comfortable studio is positioned at the back of our home, it is spacious room with full length mirrors and perfect for alterations and dress fittings.

We will listen to you and then discuss how to perfect your garment. Your experienced dressmaker will offer suggestions and solutions helping you to achieve that perfect fit. Please bring any shoes and under garments you intend to wear with this garment for fitting.

What we do

Here at Peninsula Dressmaker we specialise in anything ladies including bridal wear, debutante dresses, evening dresses and ladies suits.

You can trust us with any type of alteration from a simple hem shortening to a major modification on any type of fabric with detail or embellishment.

We offer a full range of alterations, including taking in, shortening, reshaping, neckline restyling, and adding bespoke embellishment. Our highly experienced and fully qualified dressmaker will understand your needs and requirements noting down every single detail to ensure that your vision is transformed into reality.

Whether you have purchased from a department store, a boutique, or inherited it and need it restyled, resized or remodelled, we can help. We offer dress alterations for day wear, cocktail, bridal and evening dresses.

bridal price guide only


$50 - $400

Pricing depends on how complex the garment is.

Bust Adjustment

$50 - $100

Darts Added

$50 - $80

Seams Taken In

$50 - $100

Zipper Replaced

$100 - $200

Sleeves Taken Up

$30 - $50

Price per 1 pair.

Shoulders Adjusted


Strap Adjustments


Make Straps

$50 - $80

Measure Up Services